Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy First Birthday Bodel

Dear, Bodel
 You are one year old today. This year has just flown by. It makes me sad that you are growing so fast. Bodel you are the most amazing little girl. You touch every one's heart that come in contact with you. Everyone always comments on your blue blue eyes. You have beautiful strawberry blond hair. And a smile that can melt any one's heart.

 you are so sweet, and cuddly, and very loving.
 You love your brothers and sisters. They adore you to.
 You always pull the most serious faces.

 You and Bristol have the best relationship. You guys are best friends. She watches over you and protects you. And you are her shadow. She has made you very strong. She still calls you baby, and you always answer to her when she does. You say baby very good, I think from hearing it so much from her.
 You are always happy. Always. If you are upset you always have a very good reason.
 You love your brother Baxter. He is your favorite. And most of the time you will not go to me or dad if he has you.
 You are the best sleeper ever. You have sleep threw the night from the night we brought you home. And I'm talking 12 hours. You love your sleep.
 Being number 6 you had to learn to go with the flow. Even if it lands you in a pumpkin.
 You love your sisters. You can even say Brielle. You yell for her up the stairs. You love to play with her.

You 3 are sister's, You love each other so much. Different circumstances have brought you 3 together but you would never guess. You have the closest bond the 3 of you.

 Your brothers all adore you.
 You are a princess, You love to be clean, dry diaper all the time, and you have the most sensitive skin I have ever seen. You love food, You could eat all day, You love tv. It will stop you in your tracks.

You are not shy. You love people and you will go to anyone. You are very busy and never stops. You love to be loud. You want people to hear you so you will talk over everyone. 

 You have grown so much, You have the cutest personality. You love to dance. If you here music you will stop what you are doing and dance. You love to clap your hands and wave bye bye. You can say ma ma and da da. You are daddy's little girl right now. You want him all the time. He can not go anywhere without you. We feel so blessed to have you in our family. We could of not asked for a more perfect little girl. We love you so much. Happy first Birthday Bodel. Love Dad Mom Baxter Bridger Boston Brielle Bristol


Anonymous said...

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY BODEL!!!!!, You are growing up way to fast. Can't wait to see you again, and spend some time with you. All our Love, Grandma and Grandpa Hansen

Spencer and Mindy said...

Oh my word!!! She's just grown up way to fast! I can't believe it was ONE yr ago that you were spending the summer with us, getting everything worked out. What a Wonderful addition to the family. She's just the sweetest thing! give her a BIG hug from Aunt Mindy! happy 1st birthday Beautiful Bodel!! We Love you

Great Grandma and Grandpa Hansen said...

Happy Happy Birthday to the sweetest little angel!!You are getting so big.Counting the days down till June 13th so we can see you!!!! Can't wait to see you again.Love you so much.....Love Great Grandma and Grandpa Hansen

The Stratton Family said...

Happy Birthday Miss Bodel!! You are such a sweet little lady! I know you and Quinn will grow up being best friends! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Love you!

sandy said...

We love her so much, she is such a special, smart little girl. So happy to be in our family. Very good post.

sandy said...

We love her so much, she is such a special, smart little girl. So happy to be in our family. Very good post.