Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Days

The last few weeks we have been spending our time at the pool. Boston, Brielle, and Bristol have all been taking lessons. 

Bristol has loved it. It was only her and one other kid in her class. He would not get in the water. So she has had her own private lessons. It has been a blast for her.
 Boston on the other hand is not a fan of the water. After one day in level 3 we had to move him down to level 2. He is a bit scared for some reason.

 Brielle had her little friend in her class and loved it. It was so much fun for the two of them. As you can see Boston was not to happy to be there.

 Brielle passed level 2 and is headed to level 3.
 Boston will be staying back and trying to concur his fear of water.
 and Bristol passed level preschool and is headed to level 1.


Spencer and Mindy said...

so fun!!! poor boston, water can be scary though. we are excited to see you guys next week (hopefully)

The Stratton Family said...

CUUTE!! Love all the pictures! And I LOLOLOVE Bristols swimming suits!! She is such a cutie! Tell Boston, no worries! He just takes after his Aunt Stef! ;) I hate swimming! ;) I cant wait to see you guys next week!

Jeanne hansen said...

Looks like fun!!!!!

sandy said...

Poor Boston that really is a fear and make take a while but he will conquer it. So glad you have them in swimming lessons. Its so good for them, Love ya!