Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fun with Cousins

This past weekend, On our way home from Salt Lake we made a few stops. First in Enterprise for the night. We had so much fun visiting with everyone and the kids loved playing with the 25 cousins running around.
Bodel and Allie, She was so sweet with Bodel every time I turned around she was playing with her or taking care of her.
 The kids enjoyed a heated game of risk
 Then a fun Volleyball game
 and playing in the sand box.

 All the adults were sitting in the corner talking. We looked down and half the kids were sitting in front of us listening to us.

 Jason told them a few fireman stories. They loved the one with the guy that got glued to a toilet seat in a Wal-Mart bathroom.

 We did some fireworks

 and just had a great time
 The next day we got to join Adri for her Baptism
 and also Maddie in Cedar city for her Baptism. It was a great weekend.


Cluff Family said...

SO FUN! WE sure miss you guys! Next time you need a road trip Silver City is a pretty fun place :) Hope you are all doing as great as you look! Sounds like
I need to hear Jason's fireman stories :)

Spencer and Mindy said...

Sounds like I need to hear those stories too! ha haa.. Sad we missed out on all the fun down in Enterprise. (good thing we didn't go down, spencer was super sick saturday/sunday...worse than I was) Logan keeps spotting white vans on the road, and says "there our cousin's...I wanna go with them"

sandy said...

Wow those kids are getting big!!! Cousin time is the best!