Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Temple Square and the 4th

While in Salt lake we were able to go to Temple square and visit the conference center and the history museum. I had never been and it was amazing. The kids all loved it.
 Our sweet little tour guide, She grabbed Bristol hand and would not let go, She was a little nervous with the 8 kids we were toting around.
 The kids loved the roof of the conference center.
 We had a lot of fun at the museum, But the kids were done by this point.

 We had a great 4th of July. I some how deleted all my pictures from the 4th. So I stole a few pictures from my sister in laws blog. We went to Cherry hill. It is a fun water park. We had so much fun.
 Then we went to Famous Dave's for Dinner. We were all tired and sunburned.
 We had some fun at the park, and enjoyed fireworks with a bunch of family. It was a super fun day.

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