Sunday, July 7, 2013

Red Butte Gardens

While we were in Salt Lake we stayed with Mindy and Spencer, Jason's sister. We had a blast with them. One day we went to Spencer work. It is on the University of Utah. Red Butte Gardens. It was amazing. It is so pretty. The kids had a blast there.

The boys always turn there heads when I take there picture.

Bodel loved this sandbox and was laying down swimming in it before we were done.

It was hot, and the kids loved getting wet.

Jason acting his age.
The boys may have caught a few ducks while we were there, and Baxter might have got attacked by the mother duck, because he touched her baby. But because we weren't suppose to be catching the ducks, We wont talk about that.

It was a fun day.


Spencer and Mindy said...

So Much FUN! i still can't believe that he caught a duck, and that the momma duck attacked him! ha!

sandy said...

That is such a beautiful place. So glad you had fun and glad that the boys got to have some fun too checking out the wildlife and the girls got to stay cool with the water.