Monday, September 22, 2008

Home Tag

Home Tag no cleaning, just how it is. I would have to admit I took these Friday and didn't have time to post them until today. Saturday Me my mom, sister tiff and Brother Beau and his wife Stef went to Vegas all day shopping, and Jason and his cousin Kelly kept all the kids. I'm just glad I took them before that.Family Calender

Kitchen sink
Laundry room

Computer desk




What I have been up to getting ready for fall

Whats Brielle up to, yea shes in trouble. The boys our all at school.

My favorite room would have to be our sitting room just because its quite in there.

Kids bathroom

Our bathroom

Master bedroom

Baxs bed

Bridger and Bostons beds

Brielles bed


Sara :) said...

You have such a beautiful home and it's always so clean. You are also so organized and on the ball. I don't even know where my halloween decorations are.

Hopie said...

So fun!!! My niece, Amy has a vinyl cutter, I just got some new ideas from your pictures!!!Thanks!!!

Zitting Zoo said...

I love it!!! It all looks so good!! I love the saying in Brielle's room- I just might have to steal it for my girls room!

Jon & Bridget said...

Looks good. JT is always into trouble too. I am trying to get energy for a new post. Just wait... you will die :) Your house looks great. Hope to see you soon.

Jon & Bridget said...

BTW... where did you get that calendar/magnet board thing? It looks so handy and I have the perfect spot in my house for something like that. :)

Spencer and Mindy said...

your house is so clean, i can only imagine what Jason and Kelly let the kids do while you were all out shopping...too funny!