Thursday, April 29, 2010


Lately I have been very baby Hungry.

Lately I wonder if I should always blog about peanut butter due to my comments

Lately I need to remember not to wear a black bra to the temple. The very kind old lady at the temple let me know you can see it right threw my dress I hope to many others did not notice.

Lately Jason and I have noticed that just because we think Brielle is down for a nap does not mean she is. She may have been permanently ruined walking into are room yesterday. The sceam said it all.

Lately if you have tried to call Jason on his cell you have not reached him. For some reason his phone that you  can run over and it not break does not include when Fire Trucks run it over.

Lately I have been eating way to much.

Lately I think Jason is purposely trying to make me fat.

Lately I have been way to stressed about things that do not matter

Lately I have been very worried about my Young Women

Lately to many people have tried to bring me into there problems and I'm not real happy about that.

Lately I'm so proud of what great kids I have

Lately I have been so proud of what a Amazing,Wonderful husband I have


Anonymous said...

I am AMAIZED at how Wonderful my Beautiful, Skinny, Hot Wife is.
I Love You!! Jason

Spencer and Mindy said...
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Spencer and Mindy said...

heidi you're so cute! i still can't believe that brielle was ever that tiny! She's growing up so quickly! and i agree, I hope she isn't tramatized by whatever she may have seen going on while she was 'supposed to be napping'.. haa haa too funny!

Tiffany said...

Brian and I are really confused. Why was Brielle screaming? Call me sometime so I can tell you about all of my problems. ;-)

Zitting Zoo said...

Heidi- i am amazed lately at what a wonderful wife and mom and sister you are. I am humbled by your continued example that you set for me.

i love you!

Cluff Family said...

Still cracking up about the 'Brielle taking a nap' comment! AWESOME! You guys are so fun! Hope you are doing great! It was fun to see you for a bit last month. We miss you guys!

sandy said...

Lately I'm so thankful your my Beautiful, loving, caring, Daughter!
Thank You!

Unknown said...

I wore a black bra the last time I did Baptisms at the temple. They asked me to take it off!!!