Thursday, April 1, 2010

More prayers for Sara

Well most of you remember me posting about My sister in Law Sara. Almost two months ago she had brain surgery. She came home for a short time and was admitted back in the hospital for 10 days with meningitis. Saturday night they took her back in and found a abscess on her brain. They went in yesterday and did a second Brain surgery. The doctors did not get everything done they needed to because some complication arose. One being she lost one of her arteries that went from her brain to her leg. She is in ICU in Las Vegas and Still knocked out. I know she and her family could use a lot of prayers. She is going be down there for close to a month and with 5 little kids at home it does not make easy for her or her husband. Please keep there family in your prayers. We love you Sara.


sandy said...

We will pray for Sarah and her family. we hope things get much better for them.

Hopie said...

Ohhhh that's terrible. In our prayers for sure.

Joann said...

I am so sorry to hear about your lost. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.