Sunday, April 18, 2010

This Week

Did I mention Baseball is off in full swing. I have sat threw 9 Games this week spent from 7:00am to 4:00 pm Sat at the ball fields watching 4 games and ran kids to 8 different practices this week. I'm not sure what I was thinking letting them all play. But it is fun memories right. I honestly can't even tell you if the kids teams won or lost. I was two busy making sure I had the right kid in the right spot.

This is Baxter on Saturday they played a double hitter against two Las Vegas teams. I would have to admit his games are the funniest to watch.

Then there is my little social Butterfly brielle. She loves to play with all the kids and only comes around when she needs More money for the concession stand. She is way to busy for her mom.

Then there is cute little Boston. Is he not the Cutest. I would have to say thou It was not a Mom who decided on his shirt color. Who honestly would pick a white shirt for Baseball.

Then comes Bridger

Bridger is our I'm to cool to bend my knees or tuck my shirt in kid. Every Sunday we make a bet with him that he can keep his shirt tucked in the whole time. We bet him like 10 dollars. But he never has gotten it.

Tuesday we had one of our Favorite Elders , Elder Smith come back and visit. We took him for a Four Wheeler ride and to see some fun stuff.


sandy said...

love the boys playing baseball brings back lots of memories with you kids. I need to try to come to one game. Brielle is learning so fast what to do at games. looks like your having lots of fun!

Zitting Zoo said...

wow it looks like your so busy! I want to come down and spend a day and play- love you guys!