Sunday, May 23, 2010

All in a Day

Saturday marked the close of Baseball season for the year. We had quite the busy day. First off Boston played his last game in Overton. He is just so cute and tiny.
Bridger ended the season a few weeks ago. He did such a great job.
Our Saturday started out with Boston's game and Hide and go seek in the park
Them off to Boulder City for Baxter's game. Brielle was starting her sugar high with a hostess cup cake.
Then she gave us a little sugar dance
Boston and Brielle enjoyed the time there with Snow cone and friends
Then off to the mall, Jason and the boys went to the sporting good store while me and Brielle got pedicure's.
Brielle was in heaven, She sat there so good and loved it. Here is a picture of her sitting there so patiently waiting for her nails to dry. She was so excited today at church she went running up to one off my young women and said I went to Las Vegas and a lady painted my nails.
Then the boys had enough of Nails, and decided we needed to head to Bass Pro Shop

We got there right in time to feed the fish the kids loved it.
We ended the day at the shooting range and headed home.


Anonymous said...

Lets see more pics of that Heidi the Hottie!!!!

Hopie said...

How fun!!!

sandy said...

love the boys baseball pictures and of brielle at the tree. Boston looks so grown up. hey now that baseball season is over maybe we will get to see you hope hope!