Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brielle Birthday Party

The invitations are sent, the table is decorated, the cupcake are done, the goodie bags are done, but something is missing!!!!!!
A few princess friends
Brielle had such a great Birthday yesterday. First off pinata fun with her friends.
Here they all are with all there candy they gathered.
Then a few fun games
Then Brielle favorite part presents
Time for cupcakes
A little butter on Brielle nose
Time to go fishing, The girls had a ton of fun catching the fish and then they got to take them home. They love it.

Then a little rest until there mom's came to watch barney
Then a quick stop at MC Donald's for a happy meal and off to the school for Bridger's report, where Brielle was given a chocolate cupcake. What better way to celebrate your Birthday.
Last night we sang and did cake and ice cream with her brothers, Jason and I was taking a ton of pictures and Brielle said you got a good one, now lite my candles.
Baxter buttering Brielle nose. You might wonder why the butter. It is a Baker family tradion.
It was a great day for Brielle, It was so weird to have all these little girls running around. We are so use to boys boys boys.


Cluff Family said...

Okay, that looks like one of the FUNNEST PRINCESS parties EVER! Holdyn LOVES all the princess pictures too. What a cutie that little Brielle is! It looks like she had a great birthday!!!

sandy said...

What a super fun Party! I'm glad she had fun and I loved the decorations.

Anonymous said...

Seems like only yesterday she was 2