Sunday, May 16, 2010

This past Week

This past week has been crazy. I'm starting to realize I can not do it all. I some times feel like I let people down around me but I can't seem to do it all. I realised this week that it is OK for the kids to miss a practice or even a game. I'm still feeling guilty about it all, but I can only do what I can do.
Our kittens are growing up. They are so cute, They are 3 weeks old. The kids try to convince me every day they need to keep them. I don't think that is going to happen.

Our Garden is doing really good. Our Sunflower are huge right now. Our tomato's are fully loaded and our starting to turn red.

Saturday Baxter played all day in Las Vegas. He had the most awesome hit. It hit the fence his team did great. This is our last week with Base ball. Yea I can not tell you how happy I am about that.

We have spent the last week looking every where for a new trailer. Day after day after day. This day we were in Vegas, Brielle needed a break so we took her into toy r us. She was in heaven. Living in Logandale we do not get out much so it is pretty fun for her.
We finally found one. The people were getting rid of it because there son was leaving on a mission. It is up in Santaquin UT. So Tuesday Jason, me and Brielle are going to take a rode trip up there while the kids are in school to pick it up. We had to sell are trailer when Jason got hurt. It was pretty sad for us, because we would spend every summer all summer long camping at a new place. It has been one our family's favorite things to do together. We have been very blessed lately and we are so excited to be able to get another one.

This is a picture of are ward garden. It is looking amazing. I really don't know who had the idea but it was a great idea. Here is a link to our ward garden blog if you want to check it out,

We are gearing up for Girls Camp. It coming up in 3 weeks. I'm in the Young Women's over the Laurels. It has been one of my favorite callings. I will be going to camp with them. Jason will be going to as one of the priesthood. Thanks Mom for keeping our kids. I'm getting pretty excited to go.
They have been working on these bucket chairs to take. They have done a great job. Our bishop and one of his Counselors helped them put them together,
One thing about being in Young Women's, I'm never short on having a babysitter. It probably a good thing. Brielle wears me out. She never stops.

 Well here is to a new week.


Spencer and Mindy said...

those chairs are super cute!
i can't beleive how many tomatoes you have in YOUR garden, and Love the ward garden! it's HUGE!
and Heidi your amazing! you do so much for everyone around you!! I'm always impressed by all the things you and your kids do to help others!
and your kitties are so cute!! if i was a cat person, i'd totally want one for sophee. she's way into cats right now...we just spent the week down with spencer's sister who has 2 cats and sophee chased them around the whole time we were there!!

sandy said...

Busy, busy, busy, Remember its ok to say NO! you have to let go of things and enjoy life too. We love you all and hope to see you soon. We are looking forward to the kids and your garden looks great.

Cluff Family said...

Sheesh Heidi, if you were only doing half of what you do I still think you are SUPER MOM! You are so involved and do so much extra! You always WOW me! I bet those Laurel's love you too. I'm sure you will have an awesome time at Girls Camp! The garden does look awesome! Hope you get to enjoy lots of fresh veggies!!! Looks like you will :) Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

My Wife is so HOT!!!!!
I mean she is Awsome not Angry.
any way I love ya babe and your /our little munskins too... Jason the soon to be thin.

Dj,Megs & 5 Beautiful kids said...

Heidi you are so creative and always doing something fun. Wish I had the energy like you did, I thought having 3 little ones was busy but looks like it never stops and that you are even more busier. I realized that I can only do so much that I can handle because the kids wear me out as it is. I look up to you and what a great mom you are don't ever feel bad about not doing it all that's what family and friends are for to help us out.

Unknown said...

Hey girl, you are doing an amazing job the kids are all happy and well cared for that's what counts!! I love your posts and I'm so excited to see you guys I hope it happens soon!!