Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another busy week

This week Bridger had his Around the World report at school. He chose Egypt to do. He did a great job. This was on Thursday, They sat out in the hall ways and told parents and teachers about there country.

On Wednesday they had a performance were they sang danced and played musical instruments. They are suppose to dress up like there country if your wondering about the costume.
Friday all the kids bring in food from there country's and the have a buffet. It is pretty neat.
Boston had his Bug report due this week to. It was on Bee's he had a lot of fun doing it.
I'm very glad this week is over. It has been so crazy. I missed Ward Temple Night, Young Women's and a few other things. Which is so not like me, But Jason worked most of the week and there was so much involved in this last week of school. By yesterday I needed a break. Jason took me into Vegas and we did some fun shopping and went to a nice dinner. Yes a much needed break. Did I mention Jason and I stated this HGC Diet. I only made it a few days because the hormone they put in you was making me so sick, I could not quit throwing up. But Jason has stuck with it. He looks really good. Yesterday in the store I was looking everywhere for him and he was standing right in front of me. I did not recognise him. He is doing great on the diet. Well School gets out on Wednesday. Yea

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Anonymous said...

What a great job Bridger did on his report of Egypt. Great pictures and the pyramid and other things he made were so good. Boston's Bee report looked so good to he is great at making poster boards. Also good going Jason its nice he could stick to a hard diet.I loved Bridgers costume too! love Grandma C