Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trying to catch up

Life lately has been crazy. Baby number 5 is keeping me more busy then I ever thought possible. Add lack of sleep in there and it has been hard for me to catch up. But I'm making progress. Laundry has seemed to pile up and I'm finally on top of it again it is a good feeling. The other day I did 6 yes 6 loads of towels. I'm still wondering why and how i have so many towels. And embarrassed to admit that the cupboards were still very full when I was washing all of these.
             Veteran day We went to the parade in town. It is always good. It was so cold and windy.             Jason tried to cuddle up with Bristol and keep her warm.
 They always have a Helicopter do a fly by

 Bridger and his friend Josh. We always go to MC Donald's and grab breakfast and eat it while we watch the parade.

 Brielle and Snoopy

 Yesterday I took the kids into Vegas for the day. They were out of school. I thought it would be a great day to go get some pictures and run a few errands. Final stop  Jason Fire House to say hi. Brielle wanted her picture by the firetrucks so we took a few.

 The station Mascot. They have a lot of fun at the station with this guy.

 I'm still worn out from fighting 5 kids threw Vegas yesterday. So for the rest of the weekend we are going to do a lot of relaxing and Putting up our tree and Christmas Decor. Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Loving the pics! They all look so cute! Aunt Holly

PS were jealous here-we want to put our tree up!!

Spencer and Mindy said...

love the new family pics!! adorable! and i'm so jealous you are putting up your christmas stuff already!! :( spencer wont let me until AFTER thanksgiving. so what do i do every thanksgiving after dinner?? PUT UP THE TREE!
{and i can't believe you have so many towels!!} ha haa!

sandy said...

I remember those laundry days there is never a bottom to the pile. The pictures are so good. What beautiful grandchildren. Glad your putting up christmas. I'm open for babysitting if anyone wants to put my tree up.