Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome Christmas

      It time, The best time of the year. We have been slowly getting ready. And I think we are almost done.
                              We have started with are Christmas staple Pumpkin Pie and Reddi Whip

                                           We even found are early Christmas present, look closely
                                                                               A little closer

                                                                                   There She is

              Tonight we will roast some Pine nuts and watch a Christmas movie, and hang some more lights
                   Decorate a little more, Enjoy Jason old stocking for Bristol's, for we no hers is on the way

                                                               and enjoy are sweet little new addition


Hopie said...


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh what a cute lil' present under your tree! :) Love the girls christmas/santa dresses! so cute! your tree is beautiful! *and i love jason's New stocking! how long has he had that one? it's awesome!

sandy said...

I love the present at the bottom of the tree. Glad to see your decorations up. hope your all well.