Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome Christmas

      It time, The best time of the year. We have been slowly getting ready. And I think we are almost done.
                              We have started with are Christmas staple Pumpkin Pie and Reddi Whip

                                           We even found are early Christmas present, look closely
                                                                               A little closer

                                                                                   There She is

              Tonight we will roast some Pine nuts and watch a Christmas movie, and hang some more lights
                   Decorate a little more, Enjoy Jason old stocking for Bristol's, for we no hers is on the way

                                                               and enjoy are sweet little new addition


Hopie said...


Mindy said...

oh what a cute lil' present under your tree! :) Love the girls christmas/santa dresses! so cute! your tree is beautiful! *and i love jason's New stocking! how long has he had that one? it's awesome!

sandy said...

I love the present at the bottom of the tree. Glad to see your decorations up. hope your all well.