Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our FireHouse Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving everyone, Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

We headed down to Vegas about 11:00am. First thing first the boys had to start out with a couple bags of Oreos. The station was surprised on how the boys could put them down, But then they were soon reminded that Jason was there dad.
Here they go to go on a call. Pretty nice  I was there all day, and this was the only call they had. It never happens like that. So they were pretty happy.

The Boys enjoyed there Pumpkin Pie

Brielle enjoyed her olives

                                                                     Bristol enjoyed her sleep
                                                       The other family's enjoyed there self's
                                We had so much food. They did a great job on cooking everything
                                                           The boys made good use of there time
                                                     Boston in a sugar coma, after all the Oreo's and pie.

                                                                           It was a fun day!

1 comment:

Spencer and Mindy said...

those are some great pics!! looks like you guys had a fun thanksgiving!! yay for only ONE call!!! wahooo

**boston and his sugar coma.. too funny, ha haa!!