Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sign's of Thanksgiving

We have been having a pretty fun week. Today the kids start a 4 day weekend. We have a lot of fun plans. This past week we finally got around to picking our pomegranates. We were going to do it a few weeks ago. But Pomegranates love a few cold nights and when i saw it in the forecast i decided to wait. I'm glad i did because they were perfect. Me and Brielle and Bristol set out while the boys were in school and Jason was at work to pick all the trees. We had a fun time.

Not to bad for a morning work

 While I juiced the pomegranates, the kids husked the corn and Baxter took picture's. I will be making jam this weekend and have a great recipe all share.
 Bristol wanted right in on the action

 We built our first fire not that it was that cold but in was fun. We sat and enjoyed Pine nuts and Egg nog around the fire. I love this time of year.


Zitting Zoo said...

looks like so much fun, So great to have a great garden. THis is one of my favorite times of year too. Love the fire, pinenuts and eggnog.
love ya all,

Spencer and Mindy said...

what a great harvest of corn and pomagranets... yumm. THIS is my favorite time of year too!!
Love your fireplace area, it's beautiful! we love living where it's a bit colder so we can have our fireplace going all the time! love it!!

Zitting Zoo said...

love this! your garden looks like it did great! love the pic of the kids helping. hoping to see more pics of the house- ps love the fireplace!

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