Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

We had a fun Halloween yesterday.
Brielle and Bristol dressed up as Pirates
 Aren't they cute I took a ton of pictures of them

 Boston was the grim reaper,
 Bridger was a hunter with a scary mask

 Last year we started a tradition with the kids to pull them around on a trailer and take them Trick or Treating it is a lot of fun.
 They loaded up there friends and along the way we picked up a bunch more friends
 It was a fun night, all our kids are cute. But Brielle and her excitement would win anyone's heart. She was so worn out by the end of the night.
Earlier in the day the kids had some parties to go to. Boston's class I'm the room mom in. Here they are playing pass the eye ball.
 and Bingo
 We carved pumpkins right before we left to go Trick or Treating. The Elders came over to join the fun. It was there p day. Elder Campbell pulling funny faces.

 Boston in total concentration

 Elder Campbell helping Brielle he is so good with her.
 Bridger and his blue lips
 Well until next year this little pirate is out of here. Don't mind she is running now.


Hopie said...

Oh my word!!! What cuties!!!

Spencer and Mindy said...

i agree with hopie, WHAT CUTIES! love the pirates.. they are just dolls!!! and what a fun tradition to ride on the trailer around the town! so fun!
love it all!!!

sandy said...

1. Love the missionaries/ and the help you and Jason give them
2. Love those pirates there adorable!
3. Love the ride for trick or treating
4. Love all those adorable kids.
5. Love Bristol running away.