Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We did. We honestly all have been sick, We have had a horrible cold and we almost did not go anywhere for Thanksgiving. Wednesday we loaded up on medicine and decided we would try. We headed up to Utah to my mom's. I hardly got any pictures because I was not feeling good at all. But I got a few.

Here is Baxter and Bridger helping Grandma at 600 in the morning breaking bread for the stuffing. They were still not to awake.

 Some of the family. Yes this is all the picture's I got. But we did do a lot of visiting while we were up there and had some fun.
 Then Thursday night Jason and I decided we would brave Walmart. We got there at 900 pm and the sale started at 1000pm. It was a nightmare. We went for one thing and did not get it. There was a mean lady in the trampoline area and it ruined the hole night. In the future we decided we might go make fun of people on black Friday but never try to shop then. It worth paying a little more for your sanity.

 Bridger and Boston and Brielle have been building there own fort. They have done it all by themselves. They had fun working on it this weekend.

Brielle is a little scary up on top of it with a hammer and high heels.
 They have been having lots of fun. Bridger has asked for Christmas for his own power drill. He is pretty funny.

Baxter had fun playing with the ducks.
 and Bristol had fun chasing the chickens.
 Jason and Baxter hung a new light above our stairs. It had a awesome gold one up there i was not to fond of. So one day while out yard sailing i came across this light it was brand new. It was silver and i wanted brown so i spray painted it. It turned out pretty good.
 Jason about killed him self up there thou. One of the kids turned on the light while he had the wires and it was not pretty.
 The boys also added a second story on there fort.
 and we took some Holiday pictures. It was a nice break to have such a long weekend and we our all finally feeling better. Ya


Spencer and Mindy said...

cute family pics!!! i can't believe those boys were up helping at 6am, they rock!

sweet fort! and i love that bridger wants a power drill.. haa haa!!

jenn said...

I can't believe how big your kids are now

sandy said...

Thanks for making thanksgiving so fun and for a sleep over. So good to spend time together. Thanks for all the help too boys included. Glad the kids are busy soon I could hire Bridger to build me something. Cute xmas picture.