Monday, November 14, 2011

Veteran's Day Weekend and Aviation Nation

We had a really fun weekend. Thursday we spent the day putting up our Christmas lights. Then on Friday we went to the veteran's day parade.

Bridger and Baxter sat on the side lines of the parade and took pictures

 Boston scout troop was in the parade
 He was lucky and got to ride in the car, you can see him in the back
 Brielle little cheer group also were in the parade, They had too trailers full of a total of 75 girls, Jason pulled one trailer while i sat on one and manged the girls.

 The boys took the pictures so i did not get a ton

 Then there cheer group performed at our local store Lins Holiday open house
 Nothing like 75 girls and there parents in the produce department, craziness says it all.
 But Brielle was sure cute.

Friday, Jason sister Brenda and her husband Joel and 5 kids came for the night. We had a blast. Saturday we headed down to Aviation Nation in Las Vegas with them.

 We spent the day there and had a ton of fun. Sorry lots of pictures

 One of the booths were doing a thing if you did 10 push ups they would give you a free T Shirt. Bridger was the first one to get one then Jason and Brielle also did push ups for shirts to.

 Bristol was so good the whole day. She loved running around dancing to the music. She still does not walk to well in shoes.
 It was a great day.

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sandy said...

What a great time. Loved the parade and Boston and Brielle and you all on the float. Where did Baxter dissapear to?