Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stake 100 Years Anniversary

Saturday our stake celebrated it's 100 year anniversary. It was a great time. A ton of work and time went into it. They had a dinner and plays and each ward did a dance. Our youth in our yard did a dance to the Virginia reel. Baxter and Bridger did it. They were not to happy about it. But the sure looked like they were having a great time out there doing it.

 Our little cheering crew

 The kids ran around and played with there friends, Bristol had a great time playing with Ellie. She was adopted the same week as Bristol from some friends of ours. We went to court on the same day and they are only a few days apart.
 Bristol is sure huge compared to her even know they are the same age. Baxter went last night to his first church youth dance. I'm not ready at all for my kids to get that big.


sandy said...

What a great celebration,Grandpa Cox would be proud of the boys doing there dance. Love the cheerleaders.

Unknown said...

It was so wonderful seeing you guys! You haven't aged at all. I miss you already! So happy and amazed at all you've accomplished...including keeping Jason in line :D Love you!