Monday, April 16, 2012

Fun at the Fair

The fair treated the kids very well this year. Boston won Judge's choice in some brownies he entered and a leather pouch he made. All the kids got big blue ribbons for a lot of different thing's they entered. I'm proud of them they worked really hard.
The girl's got there face painted one day. Bristol just loved it.

I got lot's of picture's of brielle mostly because she is the only one that does not run from them.
Bristol went on her first horse ride. She liked the first time around.
By the second time around she was done.
Bridger enjoyed the rides with his friends.
So did Boston and Brielle
Baxter was a good sport and went on them with Brielle.

Bristol enjoyed her ice cream.
Boston and Brielle showing off there first place ribbons from there birds they entered birds.
Brielle found her friends. She loves these girls.
She hated this ride hated it.
She performed two different nights. She did a great job.

She just loves it.
I did not take a lot of picture's. My Mom came for the fair and we had a great time.


Anonymous said...

all that fun and only 2 blocks from home sweet thanks Heidi for takin us to the fair Jason

Spencer and Mindy said...

so much fun! absolutely LOVE brielle's face on those rides, what a BRAVE girl! and she's just too cute as a cheerleader/dancer.. adorable. WAY TO GO on all those ribbons! so fun!!!