Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little this a little that

This past week we have been trying to cram in everything for our last week of summer. This is Brielle favorite time of year. Because it means Cheer Camp. She looks forward to it all year.
 She loves the High school Cheerleader's. Some our in our ward and she knows them from when I was in Young Women's. She loves them.
 Every year the High School Cheerleader put on a camp for ages 4 and up. Bristol was sure sad when she could not join in.

 The last day of camp the girl's performed for the parents.

 I don't know who loved who the most.
This week heading back to school the girl's were in the hot seat.
 I think this is the 5th or 6th time we have cut Brielle hair. We always cut 1 to 2 inch's off. It is clear past her bum. Did I mention this little naughty girl today i answered the door and it was a few car loads of cops. Brielle had called 911 and told them Boston was being mean to her and her friend. Brielle was hysterical when they showed up and she thought they were going to hall her off to jail. She told them sorry. I think they felt bad for her because she was so scared. She is so naughty.
 Bristol got to take the seat for the first time. I think she was a bit nervous.

 Her hair is so long. But looks so short. We cut 2 to 4 inch's off depending were it was at on her head. I was just trying to even it all up so it was the same length everywhere. It had a ton of baby hair that needed to come off. Her hair is so different then Brielle. My hairdresser was dying how dry it is and how hard it is. There hair is so different them mine.
 It looks so short now. But it not. Just super curly.


Spencer and Mindy said...

BRISTOL looks sooo different! and i can't believe how LONG both of their hair is. crazy! super cute cheer camp. i love that brielle does this. I think sophee would love something like that!

The Stratton Family said...

Love the hair! they are both so cute! Bodel's hair will be a big change for you! I still can't get over what Brielle did! She is hillarious! :)

sandy said...

Love Bristol hair cut. Brielle is such a cute cheerleader even if she calls 911:)