Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer is coming to a end

Summer is whining down around here. They kids go back to school on the 27th.
We have a ton going on. Just not a lot of time to post.

A few things we have been up to. We said goodbye to Elder Oakey. We took him down to Vegas the other day for transfers. He is a great guy. We get so attached to the Elders here.

 We had shot and Doctor day. Bridger, Brielle, Bristol and Bodel all got shots this day. You can tell Bridger was so excited about it.
 Brielle did not mind as long as she got to start Kindergarten.
 Bristol was trying to show her excitement. Did i mention she did not even cry with her shots. She never cried until they gave Bodel her's. She did not like that they were hurting Bodel.
 Bodel was a trooper, She did not like those shots at all. She had a great check up and weighed 10 pounds 15 ounces. Wow she has almost doubled her birth weight.
 We have been swimming a lot. Bodel loves it. I try not to let her out to long because she is so fair.
 We do take a ton of pictures of her everyday and here are a few from the past little while.
 She is such a good baby and is sleeping from 8 to 5 every-night. Yes she is a dream baby. She is so good all the time.
 She is so happy and always is smiling and talking away.

 Football is back in session and they have been hitting it hard this past week with practices twice a day.

 The boys all got haircuts for school. The girl's turn is next week.

 And this little one. She is cute She looks innocent, But man is she a handful right now.
 Yes she is eating the crayon instead of coloring with it. She is my main reason why blogging is so hard right now. But we love her.


Spencer and Mindy said...

i just have to laugh at everything you post about bristol...she is such a handful. Her and Logan really are so much alike! His favorite thing to eat right now is that dang Sidewalk chalk! so gross.. sure love these 2 year olds, but MAN they can wear you out! and Bodel CANT be 10 lbs already.. :( i need to come down and hang out so i can get my baby bodel fill (and bristol, i totally miss that girlie like crazy)

sandy said...

Just saw this post! Such cute new pictures of Bodel she is really growing. Love Bridger picture and all the rest. Bristol is such a big handfull but I will take her any time she is such a doll:)Miss you all and love you!