Friday, November 30, 2012

Lets here it for Purple

Bridger and Boston started Karate 3 months ago. They go every Tues and Thursday night. They love it. It has been great for them. Last night they had there first testing. They start out as white belts and they were hoping to skip threw there yellow belt and go to a level 10 Purple.

 It has been so good for Boston. He is so shy, and to get up there last night in front of the judges took a lot of courage on his part. He did so good.
 Bridger did great to.

 they sat and waited for there results.
 They have a lot of good friends in with them and it makes it fun.
 By the end of the night they were all smiles and so happy they had skipped there Yellow belts and moved up to level 10 Purple. Way to go boys.


sandy said...

Way to go boys proud of you!!!!

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh so awesome!! way to go Boston and Bridger! can't wait to see some moves when you come up this month! :)