Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Veterans day weekend was so nice and relaxing. We always decorate for Christmas on this weekend. You may call us crazy, Yes but know we can enjoy the holiday season. First thing first Decorating outside. The kids always have a blast putting up the lights. Jason and I are big kids at heart and always go overboard with Christmas lights. Bodel loved spending the day outside.

 She thought the dog was playing peek a boo wit her and she would laugh and laugh every time he would circle the stroller. He was more after Bristol Cheetos's.

 Jason was sporting his nice coveralls
 and the boys were trying to hide from my camera
 Bristol was sad she wanted on the roof with her brothers. She had a hat on and that's why her hair is crazy.
 Jason took her up on the roof feeling sorry for her. She did not like it at all. But at least it keep her of the ladder.
 Bridger and his two friends untangled the lights.
 They had a huge mess.
 Monday we had a parade in town, and Baxter, Boston and Brielle were all in it. I snuggled Bodel up. It was so cold.
 Brielle rode on a float with her Cheer group. She loved it.
 Baxter marched with the band.

 and Boston rode with the scouts from our ward on Rhino"s.
 He was trying to hide from me so I could not get his picture.
 What a weekend, We got all the outside lights up, 7 Christmas trees finished inside and the house all decorated. Christmas here we come.


sandy said...

What a fun weekend! The kids looked cute in the parade. Love Bristol and Bodel and all the kids!. Glad you have a helper undoing the lights. You could send him my way:)

Unknown said...

Looks great! I can't believe how big the kids have gotten since we saw you last!