Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Now What

What a mess our home is right now. A few days before Christmas a water line broke under the kitchen sink in the night. It flowed a heavy flow of water out all night. It flooded our kitchen,living room,office,food storage room and our storage room. The kitchen and the food storage room got it the worst. It has been fun. The ceiling all feel threw into the basement. We have removed 8 layers of floor from the kitchen all wet. The counter tops had to be cut out and the cabinets removed. Me and my mom and all 6 kids did 34 loads of wet laundry the other day at the laundry mat. Put Christmas on top of that and we have been very stressed.
I know it could of been worse way worse. So i am thankful it was not. Hopefully over the next few weeks things will come back together and I wont have my fridge in my family room and i will have a oven and stove again.
We do have some good news. Our adoption was finally final on Christmas Day. We did not have to go to court to finalize. Lucky for us. So this Saturday we our going to seal Bodel to us in the St. George Temple. And then bless her after. We are super excited. Last Saturday we finally after almost 5 years fighting with our mortgage company sold our old home. It is a huge burden lifted off of us. They were very good to us and gave us 100 percent debt forgiveness for it. We do feel very blessed even know there is so much crazy going on around our house.


Philynette said...

Oh my word! not fun at all, especially around christmas time! I'm sorry, that just stinks! but Yay for getting Bodel's adoption finalized and I can't wait for the Temple Sealing!! We Love you guys! hang in there! see you saturday

Philynette said...

^^^that was from Mindy! ;)