Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This is a picture of Brielle that I took with my cell phone on the way home from picking her up. So cute and so tiny a Meir 5 pounds.I can't believe how fast shes growing, She already 16 months.
I feel so blessed to have her in our lives. She is so sweet. There is not a day that goes by that somebody doesn't stop me and have to no everything about her. I can't believe the amount of people that start crying when I tell them about her. I do think that's really neat. It makes me realize just how special she is.

Yes she is very busy, know a days my new name for her is naughty, But how can you not help but love her.

She has become so smart, She says so many words.

And after 67 shoots today with the camera I finally got a smile.


Jon & Bridget said...

I just have to say that JT's name is naughty too. :) I think we totally hit the terrible ones. lol Love the pictures of her. i can't believe how big they are getting. It seems like just yesterday we got them huh? Let me know when you are coming up next. We should get the kids together and go to the park or something.

Joann said...

she is adorable. you will have to tell me the story sometime.

sandy said...

what cute pictures and yes we are so blessed to have her in our family! We love her lots what a special child she is even if she doesn't like to smile!!!!

Zitting Zoo said...

Brielle looks so cute! I love her outfit!! As you know the moment I first saw her I knew she was yours. I always saw Heavenly Father has a plan for us we may not like it but he know's whats best and he knew she belonged to you and Jase-We love you all!!

Dj,Megs & 5 Beautiful kids said...

I love her shoes. I am glad that i'm not the only one that hates it when people chew with there mouth open. And I found out that so many other people love rice and milk. It was funny!

Spencer and Mindy said...

ok i forgot how tiny she was!! so precious!!