Saturday, October 4, 2008

Halloween house,Corn maze,Soccer, and some random pictures

We went over to the corn maze in moapa today, We been home all week sick with colds and it felt good to finally get out.

And Brielle and a coarse her no fear she wanted to take this spider with her.

We got there and there was no one to take our money, So we just went in, without a map. We got way lost and was in there for a few hours. Somewhere in the maze there was this guy come out of the corn scared us to death. But he was a worker and he helped us find our way out.


The boys were nervous because they new it got haunted at dark and was afraid it would get dark before we got out. We got out right in time for it to start pouring.

Soccer started last Saturday and here is a few pictures. Baxter and Boston are both playing.

and just a few random pictures

I straited brielle hair this day, You can't tell that much in the picture but her hair goes half way down her back.


Zitting Zoo said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I love Brielle and the spider! great job on Soccer guys! looks like your having fun! I love the pic of Brielle all in pink! Makes me so excited for Ava!

Spencer and Mindy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Baxter's Dance moves in the HSM3 video!

and i can't beleive brielle has NO Fear with the creepy halloween spider and monster thing!
Looks like you guys are having a blast...bummer about the colds though, glad everyone is feeling better!!

The Stratton Family said...

looks like you guys had a fun weekend! wish you could of come down! that video of bax is way funny!

Sara :) said...

Our family laughed our head off! That video with Baxter was hilarious!

Joann said...

I think Baxter could be the star in HSM4. you do so many fun things with your kids love the halloween house. I'm glad you made it out of the corn maze ok.