Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quirky TAG
To Many Quirks- OR Not Enough
Tagged By Joann

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1. I hate hate hate when people chew with there mouth open. I don't want to hear or see it. When my kids have friends over I make them spit there gum out as soon as they walk threw the door. If my kids our eating chips or anything that makes noise I make them go out side.

2.I won't let Brielle go anywhere unless she has a bow in her hair. I do think I need to ease up on this problem.

3.I still pick out all the boys clothes everyday, Yes Baxter is 10 but I feel like I need to do it and comb there hair.

4.I don't want to have anyone help me with my laundry, I'm to scared that they will not spray a stain, Or wash it right. So I wash everything fold everything and put it all away by my self. I'm getting a little better and finally letting the boys fold the towels.

5.I enjoy watching shows on Disney and nick just as much as other TV. I usually will stay up really late the nights Jason at work and watch corny shows all night.

6.I never leave my kids, I have a huge problem with this. I'm a worry wart. I think I can count on one hand the times I actually left Brielle.

I tag Holly,Hoppie,Stef,Mindy,Martha


The Stratton Family said...

do not... i repeat DO NOT ease up on the bow thing!! i always see babies and say 'oh they are cute... but they would be so much cuter with a bow!' the bow makes the baby heidi! remember that! ;)(beau tells me our little girls will hate me for this)

Spencer and Mindy said...

Oh i Aspire to have the Bow fettish like my Sister in law Heidi!!
and i love that you make people eat outside if they are eating chips or loud food...classic!

sandy said...

sorry as I read trates of you girls i guess I'm the big one to blame.

Joann said...

you are so funny:) it was fun to learn some new things about you. we have a lot in common. I to stay up and watch tv when Sean's gone, until I am so tired I just fall asleep. {they can't be scary shows}