Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Deer Hunt and Newton, UT And Idaho

We left Friday morning at 3:30 am and headed to northern Utah up to Jason brother Adams house. They live up in newton Utah. It is so pretty up there.

The boys took off and went hunting every day, They were successful and each got a small buck.
Baxter was pretty sure he spotted a buck at every corner.

Brielle and A.J were so cute together. They are just a few weeks apart.

The kids searching for worms.

Addi and Bridger built this really cool hut. Here they are inside.

On the day we left our nieces had crazy hair day at school. They looked so cute. I had to take there pictures. Here are Anna and Addi

Cute Alli

And here is Adri she wanted to match her sisters. There mom Martha is so awesome and there hair always looks so cute.

It was a great trip ,and I glad we got to go and have a fun time with Jason brother Adam and his wife Martha. And the kids had a ball. We had to take a picture because it was the kids first time in Idaho.

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Lisa said...

How fun! It's always fun to visit family. Coming home is always good too. Great pics! Glad you're back safe.