Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yum Cookies

Brielle was so cute tonight. I was making Cookies and she pushed the flour bucket over and started helping. She stayed up there the whole time. I think she ate a ton of dough.
She has become such a cheesier. I love it because I love cooking anything that is sweet and I loved that she loved it too.

Between her and Boston I had a ton of help with a ton of mess. But we had fun.


Heidi said...

looks like you guys have to much fun when Im at work .. the dad

sandy said...

how cute is everyone, I didn't know I had 2 granddaughters, I'm glad to see your caring on the tradition of making sugar cookies with the kids

Spencer and Mindy said...

love love Bax-ina's cheer outfit! when did she make the squad?


Zitting Zoo said...

Bella is still laughing over Baxter! Looks like you guys had fun-Question? Where's my cookies? They sure look yummy!!!!

Cluff Family said...

Oh, I LOVE those cookies! Have any left ? :)