Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun Weekend

Its funny I keep having all these weekend posts. Which is weird to me. Jason being a fireman we don't have weekends. So because he is off it been fun. This weekend we left Thursday night and went up to Utah for the weekend. We had a lot of fun. We went up on the Dixie hill and hiked around. The boys made it threw the crack.

The Boys made these Marsh mellow shooters at my moms. They made some for there cousins too. They had a ton of fun and marshmallows got everywhere.

Saturday morning we went to my cousins Ramsey wedding at the St. George Temple. Then that night most of Jason brothers and sisters and his parents all went out to Olive Garden and surprised his mom for her Birthday. Then on Sunday we had cake and ice cream with the whole family.

It was a fun weekend. Nice to get away but always nice to come home.


Hopie said...

Looks like Jason is getting around a little better!!! Sounds like you had a blast!!!

Cluff Family said...

FUN!! I'm pretty sure I couldn't fit in the Dixie Hill crack any more without getting stuck... I'm glad to hear the birthday party was fun too :) We miss you guys!