Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kids say the cutest things

A few cute things my kids have been saying lately.

Boston- What if Baxter had a triple header would we really have to go.

Bridger- Can we please adopt another baby. Heidi- why Bridger- I want to go back in the temple.

Brielle- Baxter get up get up you have Practice get up now.

Brielle- No that my jell, Take it off Baxter's hair it mine.

Heidi- I'm going to spank you. Brielle- but I'm the princess. Heidi- Thinking how old is she.

Brielle- Move out of the way you big mom.

Baxter- I want Dad to go with me on my swimming field trip. He looks better in a swimsuit.

Brielle- Shake shake shake shake your bodiee

Brielle- To my scouts, look look at me I'm a princess. My scouts- They just roll there eyes.


Hopie said...

Those are really cute. LOVE the temple one!!!

The Stratton Family said...

haha oh my heck! i used to say the 'but im the princess' thing to my family! acctually, i still do! ;)

Cluff Family said...

That's pretty funny! Sounds like Brielle has taken over the house :) I guess that is what princesses do :) We miss you guys!

Lisa said...

How cute! Sometimes kids say the cutest things!