Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa and Reindeer

Dear Santa and reindeer, Brielle here. I have searched the house threw and gathered all my Binky's. I'm not real happy but I know that I'm growing up. I have left them out for you and your reindeer's. In exchange I hope you will leave me some presents.
I have tried so hard to be good. But sometimes it is just to hard. I'm sorry My Parents had to talk to you the other day. Thank You for talking to me. I told everyone sorry and I will not forget to leave your Diet Coke out for you. I know that everyone is watching there weight now of days.

 I will enjoy a few more sucks on my Binky's until you come for them. Make sure you take good care of them the have been my life saver for a long time.
 I'm sorry I had them so long. But you see I have had my parents wrapped around my finger for sometime. Well until my Sister came along and screwed it all up. But I know that I'm still very special to them and everyone around me.
P.S I will try so hard not to steal my sister Binky's when mine are gone. Thank You Santa


Tiffany said...

I love it! Hilarious!!!!!!!!!

Cluff Family said...

SO cute!! What a champ! WHAT?! She got to talk to Santa ;) Hope you are all doing well and feeling great! Keep up the good work brielle :) After all, Santa is watching! (We leave Diet Coke for Santa too!)

sandy said...

That is the cutest! Brielle, Grandma knows that you can do it!!!

Lisa said...

Cute Cute!! My computer got fixed & ever since, I couldn't get on my blog to see yours!! But, I found a way around it, for now. I'm so excited for you guys!! Bristol is adorable! What a great addition to your family & what a great way to give such a precious little girl a better life. What a blessing! Your family is adorable. You guys do so many cute & fun things. I think I'm boring....LOL Merry Christmas & enjoy that little baby! What a gift!! Love you!! ((hugs))

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh love this! so cute!! and yeah i want a santa call! how awesome!! i bet those reindeer will LOVE having a binki to suck on for awhile! good luck, brielle.