Saturday, December 4, 2010

The boys and scouting

Baxter has been going on a lot of campouts lately. This weekend his group went to Tuweep at the Grand Canyon. He had a great time. They froze to death at night. I asked him how he sleep and he said well if you count your toes turning blue at night good sleep then your up in the night.

 It is still weird to me that I  have a kid this big. This is the farthest Baxter has gone without Jason or I. I know it is good for him but I still have a hard time with it. I asked Jason last night but what if the kids sleep walk off the cliff. He looked at me and said really Heidi, You think they sleep right on the cliff. I guess I still have a lot to learn with scouting. You notice Baxter is the farthest away from the edge of the cliff yes I taught him well. He is just like me. Now if it was Bridger he would be trying to find a way to hang off the cliff.
 Bridger received his webloos badge this week and has earned his Arrow of light he will be receiving it next month.

 This week at pack meeting they made baskets with food in them for the widows in the ward. We went around and took the baskets to them and sang Christmas Carols to them. It was pretty fun.
 Here are the Boys putting the Baskets together at pack meeting.

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sandy said...

I'm glad Baxter had fun and is safe too. That is so nice for those kids to learn to take care of the elderly. This season its so important to think of others. Proud of all of them.