Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain,Mud,and The Garden

Rain rain and more rain. I love days like today. It makes you want to sit down with some hot chocolate and enjoy looking out the window. But I get a little stressed looking outside and seeing mud mud mud and Lake Baker beginning to form. Our boys see this really cool place to go mudding on there four wheelers. We will see who wins tomorrow when I post pictures of 3 boys covered in mud but hey at least they will have fun right.

Our garden is really started to take off. As soon as the rain ends we will be planting it out side.

The plants on the right were planted two weeks ago and the one on the left about a week ago.
This is Brielle warming up our kitten. I was over at the neighbor house visiting her. I came out side and three of my neighbors were all looking up at this tree. Our cat had gotten scared and ran up it and could not get down. It was so wet. Our nice neighbor climbed up on the ladder and the tree and got it down for us. So Brielle was sure it needed warming by the fireplace.


Cluff Family said...

CUTE! Nice of your neighbor to save the kitty! I totally want to see pictures of the Lake Baker Mud party on the 4 wheelers :)

Sara :) said...

Your garden is going to be amazing!