Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Joy is having a Eternal Family

Joy is still having a great job when so many don't have a job right now.
Joy is spending time with your family.

Joy is taking family Vacations.

Joy is visiting some interesting places.

Joy is fishing with your kids.

Joy is when you walk into the kitchen to this.

Joy is capturing that innocent in your children

Joy is making your adoption final.

Joy is getting stuck when you take a short cut. But having enough people around you to help you get UN stuck.

Joy is holding your little girl for the first time.

I hope we can all find some joy in our life's today.


Zitting Zoo said...


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh wow! some GREAT memories!
**baby brielle was so tiny!!!

Hopie said...

I hope I get to find some of that same joy today also!!!!

sandy said...

All we have to do is look around us and we will find it. We are so blessed.