Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Babe

Happy Happy Birthday Jason. I can't believe your 37. Wow I'm married to a old man. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday. We love you.

A few things we love about Jason.
1. He has always been such a hard worker
2. He can make you laugh
3. He has pretty eyes
4. He loves me more then anything
5. He is such a great dad
6. He is very tender hearted
7. He will sit and watch chick flicks with me
8. He good at taking charge
9. He acts tough, but on the inside he will melt from a hug from his little girl
10. He would do anything for his family
Love you babe!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sweetheart. You are truly my Angel. I LOVE YOU!!!

Sara :) said...

Happy Birthday!

Spencer and Mindy said...

what a BIG Softy!! {pretty sure he wasn't like that growing up!! j/k}
Happy b-day Big Brother!

Cluff Family said...

Happy Birthday Jason! You ARE getting old!!! We love you guys!! Hope you have a grrreat day!