Sunday, January 17, 2010

The private dilemma

The private dilemma. I love being UN private and allowing anyone to look at our Family Blog. But on the other hand I'm having some really weird comments which were quickly deleted. I'm having some of my pictures linked to the Internet. So I guess I can't decide if I should go private or not. I want our Family protected. But I want all to enjoy are Blog that wants to enjoy it. I posted what I thought was a cute picture of one of our boys and our blog went crazy with all sorts of foreign and crazy things to it. So I locked it down. If you noticed Baxter's blog has been deleted due to some really bad things that were coming up on it that were all foreign. I'm going to keep it open but if we feel threaten again it will go back private for good. Just a warning to all be careful with what you put on your blogs if there not private.


Joann said...

That's scary to many crazys out there

Unknown said...

You can prevent people from right-clicking on your photos. It won't stop everyone, like hackers, but it does help A LOT. Google it and then you just copy and paste the code into your post settings.