Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yea it is Summer

Today was the last day of school. Bye Bye 2nd 4th and 6th grade and welcome long nights, summer fun and lots and lots of swimming. We spent the afternoon swimming and having a blast. Brielle has no fear, this little swimmer thing we got her has been such a life saver it works great. She swims all over the pool all by her self.
Boston's class handed out awards today. Here is Boston and his teacher.
Boston got a award for being the most polite in his class. His teacher said he is so soft spoken and so nice. She said I bet he has never been mean to anyone in his life. I would a agree to that. He is such a sweet little kid. The picture below you can see how happy he was to get the award, he could not stop grinning.
Bridger, also had awards handed out today, But the parents were not invited so I did not get any pictures. But he was awarded with funniest kid in class and best around the world report costume.

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sandy said...

Way to go Boston for being the nicest in your class I have to agree. And Bridger you I'm sure are the funniest you must get that from your Dad. Congratulations! see you kids soon!