Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Wedding Ring,

Dear wedding ring,
  I have not seen you in a month or so. I have looked high and low, Everywhere I can think of. I'm growing very concerned. Did brielle put you in a vent did she swallow you because last I saw you I pulled you out of her mouth. Did you get knocked behind a bed or in the trash. Please come back I miss you dearly.

                                                                                 Love your very adoring
                                                                                            ring finger.


Hopie said...

Oh that STINKS!!!! Especially with Mr. Moneybags as a husband, it probably wasn't anything small!!!! Good luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Moneybags says.. She allready lost the original. What is another couple grand among friends..???

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh sad. i hope you find it soon.

Alan said...

Wow that's sad! Good luck with your search!!

sandy said...

I'm sorry I hope you find it real soon. show Brielle a ring and ask her if she has seen any and maybe she might remember!