Sunday, June 20, 2010

A few good things

So Far this Summer there has been  a lot of Laser Tag.
Many nights of staying up to late and sleeping in.
We have visited one of our favorite Mexican places in mesquite quite often.

We even saw Toy Story 3 in was a great show
Even better Jason finally got into his gun safe. Short story, Jason has this really nice gun safe, huge gun safe, The problem when we recently moved it would not fit threw the door. So it is locked a way in a safe place. Meanwhile we bought this pretty cheap gun safe at Costco. A few weeks ago he went to open it and the dial pad did not work. He tried and tried to get it open and could not. So we called the gun safe company and they sent a lock smith out to open it. Well after 5 days all day the lock smith called us back and said he gave up. So back on the phone with the safe company. They sent another lock smith out and he finally got in. It pretty much ruined the whole safe. So the safe company is sending us a new safe with no charge. Jason is a lot more pleasant to live with since it got open. He was ready to come un glued if you can imagine.
Even even better. I found my Wedding ring. We were seriously ready to write it off. I said I'm going to try one more place. My closet, It can be a little scary in there. I had a feeling look in your sewing machine bag. Then I remembered I was sewing Bridger's May Day Costume, Saw it in Brielle mouth took it from her set it in my bag to hide it and thought I need to remember were I set that latter, But totally forgot. A huge relief when I found it.
Also we have been playing a ton of doll house. Brielle loves her doll house. The boys punishment for fighting,  the timer is set and there playing doll house with her. She will even tell them Bridger set the timer 20 minutes.

Last night we had our ward party, The kids had a blast. Here are a few picture's from it.

Just a little of our summer so far, Hope yours is going great.


Susan said...

Ha ha! I love that the boys' punishment for fighting is playing with the dollhouse. What a great idea!

sandy said...

looks like you've been having tons of fun!

Hopie said...

Guns and rings.... good post!!! What a relief on both accounts!!!