Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Time

This week we have been going out to eat even more. Check out this huge Hamburger Bax has. I had no idea that he ordered one so big. The sad thing he ate it all.
One of our favorite parks in Las Vegas is Discovery park. We took the kids there to burn some energy.
Brielle went to work right away at making new friends.
The park is so cool. It has dunks and turtles everywhere. Baxter pointed out as some people were leaving that they stole a turtle, some people have to ruin it for everyone.
We also had one of our favorite Elders, Elder Bennett come bye he was transferred to Mesquite a few months ago. He was on his way home back to Canada. We are sure going to miss seeing him. Don't you love how we look it's like noon and we still had not even got in the shower. Oh well that's why we love summer.
Also one of our other favorite Elders, Elder Huestead got transferred back to Las Vegas. While we were over weeding at the ward Garden he came to say good bye. We are always sad when they get transferred.

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