Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adventures in Camping

Our week started heading to Tropic Reservoir. One of our favorite places to camp. Brielle ,said on the way. Stop there is a Cow stop. I thought it was way to funny, so I snapped a picture.
While setting up camp the kids made a new friend.
Then after the long drive we headed into Bryce Canyon to Ruby's Inn. Every time we go camping near Bryce we go and eat there and let the kids pick out a rock. Jason and I went on our Honeymoon there so it is a special place for us.
Look at the difference in the kids from a few years back

We fished a lot. Baxter was pretty funny this day. He was sitting on a rock on his chair and cast his pole into the water. As he did this his chair tipped over with him into  the water.

Tuesday we decide to leave tropic and go somewhere else. There were alot of wildfires burning around there and it was smoky and really dusty. So we headed to Panguitch Lake. We drove all over the mountain but it seemed everything was full due to the busy weekend coming. So we went back to panguitch and camped in a KOA for a few days.
We headed over to Antimony one day to visit my grandma Stratton. Here is Bridger and my Grandma going for a ride.
We went over to visit a good Family Friend Ken that has a Cabin right by my Grandma. brielle just loved him.

Then a little change in plans. Our ward was suppose to come for there Youth Conference up to Panguitch Lake for the weekend. So are plan was to head there on the weekend. Then a little change in plans and youth Conference was cancelled so we decided to head to Beaver for a few Days.
Jason and the Boys were having some fun this day with his cousin Elmer.

Then we hooked up with Jason's Parents up in Beaver and stayed at some property that they own.

Saturday was a pretty special Day. We were glad we got to participate in. Beaver had a 5k run. We all wore shirts in memory of Sara. Her parents live there and it was a run she ran every year and loved to do.
Here is the whole crew.

We love the parade in Beaver for the 24th of July. Here are a few pictures from it.

Then we headed back to cousin Elmer's house and hung out and had a BBQ and watched and did some Fireworks.

Last not but not least while in Beaver we got a new little puppy. Meet Trigger the kids new Black Lab.
It was a fun week. Except that I had a horrible sinus cold infection all week. When we got to Beaver we got me into the Doctor and he gave me some medicine. The medicine he gave me I had a bad reaction to and Jason ended up having to take me into the hospital not a fun night. I'm still feeling like crap and only made it threw sacrament today hopefully in will work its course soon and I 'll feel better soon.


Cluff Family said...

WOW you guys have been super busy! Looks like a LOT of fun! We were up to tropic camping last weekend (Thurs-Sat) You have tons of fun pictures! We hope you get feeling better and that we can see you at Beaver next week!!!

Hopie said...

Fun post!!! Except the infection and reaction :( I hope you're feeling better!!!

sandy said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! I like the addition to the family Too! Get feeling better!

Lisa said...

Wow! That looks like a lot of fun!You guys have had a fun summer. I hope you're feeling better now!