Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monday Night Fun

Monday Night we lighted off Fire works. We had a few friends and Neighbors come over to light them with us.

The elders were there enjoying the night with us. Earlier in the day we took the Elders in to Las Vegas for Zone Conference. On our way home a truck blew a tire and rolled right in front of us. Jason jumped out to help. There were four people in the truck and one was hurt badly. When the ambulance arrived they needed help getting the guy out of the truck because he was such a big guy probably close to 400 pounds. So there it was 6 elders, Jason and another guy lifting him out of the truck on  the gurney and in the Ambulance right on I 15. You should of seen the looks as everyone drove by. I told the Elders atlest now they have something cool to write home about.

We can only guess who jumped threw the Fire Works.


sandy said...

looks like a fun 4th

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh of course Jason did!!! he's so crazy like that. :) i still remember when he THREW, yes threw a lit spinning rose firework at me, and also a few years later lit a bottle rocket and launched it at me at Lake Powell!! (i have scars from Both) thanks for making me TERRIFIED of fireworks... Your the Best big brother! ;) ♥