Thursday, July 15, 2010

I think we snapped Our Mom

Hello Family and Friends, Baker Boys Here. We don't know what happened to our Mom. I think she is tired. All we have done is ask every 5 seconds if we can play with a friend, if we can play computers or X Box. We our always so bored and hungry so we make sure we ask her for something to eat and tell her we are board every 5 seconds to. She thought she was so smart the other day and made us a chore chart. The problem with that she can not handle how good we clean so she has to do it all her self. She cracked down on us and told us we are only allowed to watch TV and play games from 1-3 while Brielle is sleeping as long as we don't bug her with it all day. Our Favorite thing is when she leaves for a few minutes and she comes back and all the work she has done all day, We have undone in minutes. Or when it is ten at night and we are suppose to be in bed and we come into her room and say I'm bored. It gets her every time. We have made good use of our time ,we have found a new robot for a brother.

And tuned our sister into a skeleton.

By the way if you see our Mom tell her we our sorry. She was last seen heading to her room telling us that she did not care what we did. So a course we got right on our computers. She took her Diet Coke and said she was going to take a shower. That was hours ago. Good thing we are headed camping for the week tomorrow ma bee she will have a little break. That is if we find her.


Spencer and Mindy said...

i think you should send them off camping with jason for the week so you can have some PEACE! haa haa. Can't wait to meet this 'new' brother, what is his name?
too bad brielle is now a skeleton, i always thought she was so so cute! ;) ok well, i think she still is cute, even as a skeleton! take care of her!

and find things to do, so you don't have to ask you mom all the time! :)

Anonymous said...

I just hope there is some diet coke left for me when I get home. Be nice to your Mom , she loves you but she will make you kids PAY! Good Luck
Love Dad.

sandy said...

Make them wait on you Heidi all week!!!