Friday, July 30, 2010

A few things

We have been enjoying are new puppy. He has been doing pretty good at house training. He does not even mind Brielle dragging him all over the house.

I started doing a little School shopping. School starts Aug 30. Brielle starts Preschool the first week of Sept. She is so excited. The boys not so much. Me I can't wait. I'm pretty Proud of myself I did not buy Brielle any clothes this trip. I'm sure I will make up for it next trip.

There is a store in Mesquite, Jadde Sports we love. Every Summer they have a special buy one get one half off. So we always stock up. Two pairs for each kid for school. Brielle a couple of pair and Baxter a new pair of cleats. Check out Baxter's size. Size 9 1/2 same as Jason. He is growing up way to fast.

Not bad for a day. I'm sure I'm going to need a few more to finish it.
The boys have been enjoying much computer time making up for the week they missed and the week we are going to miss. Well we are heading for another week camping for Jason family reunion. See you in a week or so.


Anonymous said...

8 hrs left I cant wait to get home I love ya nice post babe!!

sandy said...

Love the puppy, I miss taking you kids school shopping the hours waiting while you tryed the whole store on. Layaways, lunch, but not so much the money. You sure got the boys some cute things. School time is always fun time!

Jon & Bridget said...

Hey... I found a picture you would love!!! It is by Greg Olsen and it is called Hand in hand... let me know what you think :)