Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dear Dad and Baxter

Brielle here, I'm taking over our blog again because I have a lot to say.
You left at 2:30 Monday morning on a so called Scout camp. I'm not quite understanding what that means.
So I need to tell you what has been going on sense you left.
Mom got a new sleeping buddy, She says that I smell like cookies, dirt, and lotion.
She says she misses her old cuddle buddy that smells like after shave and colone.
I've have been so good for her, I have not taken one nap all week and been up every night coughing that she has not sleep any. Look at all the fun bonding time we have had. I know she appreciates it.
We went to mesquite today swimming at the rec center. My brothers they just love me, I never ever gets on there nerves.
Mom's been getting ready for the 4 of July, We got cupcake's, painted my nails blue, I told her that you were not home to paint them so she would have to do. We also made me some new bows to match. Speaking of bows!!!!!

Mom even had a party the other night with out telling you. She invited all the young women and leaders. There was about 20 or more of them. They learned how to make bows.
They also told Mom about a 12 step program on the bow fetish she has.
Also pretty sad one of are favorite swimming spots burnt down along with 10 homes and 5 buildings. It is called Warm Springs. It is so pretty or I guess it was. We saw a really bad Car wreck when we went to take pictures. I guess some one died. It was a little sad.

When we got home today we got a post card from you guys. It looks very pretty there. I guess you had a 8 hour hike in and your feet are pretty sore. Mom is still wondering if your going to make it out or if there going to have to fly you out. Havasupi Falls is way pretty!
Well I know that I'm excited to see you tomorrow along with my brothers and Mom has really been missing you too. I guess I've said enough. Good night everyone. Oh by the way Dad when you get home, Mom's Expedition won't start and someone hit are white car in the parking lot today and took off. Welcome home!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see everything was normal and busy while We were gone .. Love ya Babe

sandy said...

Brielle what a great job you did taking over, now I bet you sleep now that Dad's home. I hope Jason and Baxter had a fun time. love the pictures!