Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Baby Shower and The Super Bowl

Saturday we headed up to Utah for my sister Tiffany's Baby Shower. It was a lot of fun.
Here is a picture of Bristol and Blake they are just 6 weeks apart. He is my brothers Beau and sister in laws Stefs. They were so cute together. He kept reaching over and holding her hand.

They are super close in size only a pound different. We weighed Bristol yesterday and she is now 15 pounds. Crazy how fast she is growing.

 Brielle had a blast playing with all of her cousins. Bristol loved being held the whole day.

 My sister Tiff and her two girls. She is having another girl on the 21st of Feb.

 Grandma had fun with the 2 little ones.
 Me and my 2 sisters and brother.
 Sunday we watched the Super Bowl. We don't really watch much Football. But we love to watch the Super Bowl. We made cupcakes, Made chips and dip and sat back and enjoyed the game with a nice big Diet coke. Boston is all about the steelers he has loved that team ever sense he was tiny don't know why. Baxter was rooting for Green Bay. I guess you know who won the bet in our house.
 Bridger and Brielle don't like football at all. The spent the afternoon playing in our playhouse outside. Baxter, Bridger and Brielle all stayed home today from church they were all sick. Jason had to work. I took Boston and Bristol. It was the weirdest thing only having 2 kids. I felt like I was missing something all day and there was more I needed to do.
This is going to be a big week at our house we have a few big things happening. Wednesday Baxter is getting his tonsils out. Then on Friday Boston is getting braces. Wish us luck it going to be a ruff week for the 2 boys.


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh man that will be a rough week for ya! good luck with the braces and tonsil surgery!! yikes

that pic of you and your sisters (and beau) ... you girls are just beautiful!! and i still cant believe how big and adorable bristol is!!

sandy said...

We had such a wonderful day with you guys up for the shower. There is never anything better then family. I didn't know Boston was getting braces cool.Good luck to with Baxter! Love ya Baxter and Boston be brave.